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the attitude of the game Muric

Le 8 May 2014, 04:09 dans Humeurs 0


good as the hole card in organizational capacity midfield, but this time he was with assists to give a strong comeback. Gao Lin despite coming off the bench, but still at the last moment and Muric one goal, and two assists, but also with each other.Of course, all this brings us joy than Muric rejuvenated. Moreover, the attitude of the game Muric much improved than before: the last goal in the goal behind Muric hit the post, showing that he is really a fight!5:1 Let no suspense promotionResult 5:1 away, so Guangzhou Hengda has actually entered the AFC quarterfinals, because the opponent only in Guangzhou, 5-0 victory over before they can be reversed, and Guangzhou Hengda apparently  tienda nike air max 2013 will not let this happen of!After Osaka, Japan achieved a 5:1 away victory, Guangzhou Hengda continue to rewrite their previous record set three consecutive AFC campaign, three are the first qualifying group, and now they are broke eight years Strong! This is a super team unique. In addition, they also domineering manner has made in three years Jeonbuk Hyundai in South Korea and Japan, home to Cerezo Osaka 5:1 rout, Japan and South Korea to achieve such record in the home, I am afraid it can not find the range in Asia The second team. The results of the game also created the Chinese team beat the Japanese team's biggest points difference.Before the game, Cerezo Osaka coach Gregg Popovich once joked that he had joked before the game, "Chinese league teams have made great progress, I'm not saying China's national team, but the Chinese club." This time, the Japanese national team coach Marcello Lippi fellow Zaccheroni also went to the site to watch the game, because there are more than Cerezo Osaka team members are expected to participate in this 


summer's World Cup in Brazil, but see the cherry blossoms in Guangzhou Hengda team was mad After slaughter, Zaccheroni actually got up and left the stadium in advance, Evergrande 5:1 can be considered for the national football fight breath. Yesterday, the Chinese Basketball Association issued a notice, CBA league in the 2014-2015 season, plans to increase up to more than two of the NBL club team. All applications to join the CBA league NBL club shall be in accordance with uniform standards and procedures apply, subject to inspection to assess and fair election. Subsequently evaluated by the evaluation team entry, mid-August and late determine the final upgrade team.Currentl nike air max 95 bb online y there are 18 teams in the CBA last season, Sichuan team is promoted as the new army NBL CBA. In accordance with the CBA's plan, the new season will have a maximum of two teams promoted to the new CBA league. Zhang Run from Tianjin Rong Bao pay Basketball Club general manager, said: "Each team in the competition for players will be more intense competition, for us, to pay more efforts to consolidate their position."From a long-term point of view, CBA clearly outweigh military expansion. First, help to improve the league level. In recent years, the "Asian boss" was completely eroded the status of Chinese men's basketball team, so the league level again be questioned. CBA now has 18 teams, the majority of the team one season only 34 regular-season games to play, but there is no lasting toughness of the league, the national team level will be difficult to improve. Secondly, help build a complete league system. If the CBA blindly closed doors, plus fans do not join, the media and sponsors are not concerned about exit NBL team more and more. Chinese 


basketball wants to stand on the peak of a CBA alone was not enough to inspire the clubs NBL enthusiasm is essential. Finally, a commercial package favor CBA. In recent years, strong support has made the CBA Infront become one of Asia's most successful professional league. With the league popularity rise, more and more well-known international players will choose to join CBA, CBA took off a virtuous cycle to achieve "the world's second-largest Basketball League" is not far away.Meanwhile, the notice also states that the idea of ??the team has upgraded application materials must be submitted in writing to the Chinese Basketball League Committee Office (referred to as the league office) in the previous July 15, 2014, signed a commitment letter and related agreements, and in July the 25th designated bank escrow account to pay the initial fee to the league office 35 million yuan (overdue payment is deemed to have waived application to join). Ownership and use of approved joining the CBA league franchise fee paid by the club owned by the league committee, the risk reserve funds earmarked for the league. Is not approved to join the club to pay the initial fee nike air max 90 em mujer  will be refunded. Qualify for the AFC Champions quarterfinals, Hengda no suspense! Last night, the AFC 1/8 final first leg matches, away from home in Guangzhou Hengda, by virtue of both Muric and El Eriksson scored twice, and Gao Lin scored a 5:1 victory over Cerezo Osaka . Hengda back home on the 13th, the last eight almost no suspense.Stepping Shandong Luneng last 16 Cerezo Osaka striker Diego Forlan and persimmon from the valley Yao Ichiro recent state consisting of brave, but under the constraints Hengda former Trident, cherry difficult to play on the offensive en

that the current gross salary

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authority "Equipe" message indicates that the current gross salary Paris St Germain reached 240 million euros, and once cut wages, after Paris will be very difficult to attract so many top players to join. The UEFA in order to limit the transfer of Paris, Paris, single transfer fee required not more than 60 million euros, while the team' nike air max 2014 comprar s transfer time will be shortened, which Paris is a big obstacle to impress the seller.While Paris will be permitted to continue to participate in next season's Champions League, but only reported 21 A list of players (usually a team's Champions League A list of 25 players), but eight local players request can not be changed.England media, "Sky Sports" also confirmed the news, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain as a ticket, but according to media reports in England, the official punishment was announced Friday at the earliest, and may even be delayed until next week to Guangzhou Hengda 5: a beat Cerezo Osaka, I believe many people will be surprised on this score, even Lippi said after the game that he had never thought of it before!In the post-match press conference, Lippi said: "Before the game I did not expect a large margin of victory, but the team is dedicated to a wonderful return to the state tournament." In the cause of victory when it comes to the team, Lippi said, "The game can not just look at the results, it is important to see the team's performance. before we received injuries, player status did not come back, but today's game like Zheng, and Feng Xiaoting them Muric both back the state, before I did not expect such a result, I just look forward to the players to find the best state, the race team's morale so I am very satisfied with their usual play, before they get back sta


te. "For the outside world generally concerned Muric injury, Lippi also gives a response, "Muric body no problem, when a player foot arena, especially the moment the shot he certainly will not consider so much, but do not Council to consider whether it will hurt. "Lippi has said before, the best Hengda will be back in the World Cup, but now the state has been very good Evergrande, Lippi said: "The team is currently maintaining continuous progress and maintain the state of the recovery process, it is important is confident the team back last year, the team continues to progress ahead of them Juventus won Serie A after three consecutive ED percentile mark the assault was launched.  nike air max 95 baratas yesterday morning, the Bianconeri 1-0 home victory over Atlanta , currently has up to 96 points points.Due to road loss to Catania Roma team, so Juventus won ahead of three third consecutive Serie A title. After the win, Juve still lax round to beat the Atlanta team, get 31 wins this season, creating Italy's top league team home record for the most wins in a season. The last two rounds left in the season, Juventus just one win and one level can reach one hundred points, another a record.Due to the number of main coach Conti on the bench, Juventus start a war with the Atlanta home is not smooth. Until Carlos Tevez off the bench in the 65th minute, Juventus have significant offensive improvement. Under each Kuanggong Atlanta, defense finally loopholes. The first 72 minutes, Bo Geba pass Road assists Pado tricky because a low shot record, breaking the old club's door this season, the Soviet Union still windy God scorer; This season, Liverpool became the most Premiership people surprise "hot"; This season, Rogers led the Red Ar


my feared; This season, Anfield meddle in the Gold Cup from the tall long-lost once so close  however, get good luck, which shares scraped the red half of the season storm, but when about to reach the end become a spent force, unable to move forward. If Chelsea defeat was just an accident, then lost in the seeding Crystal Palace is absolutely drowned! From 3:0 to 3:3, Liverpool lost more than just three goals, two points and hope to win, but also lost a season accumulated up proud.Beginning of the story, but then perfectOut of the mix, always has. Istanbul night nine years ago, Liverpool AC Milan a taste from heaven to hell pain; this night, the Reds have become a party to the tragedy. Just so everyone is stunned, so Rogers and his disciples turned out to be a mere repentant man Crystal Palace.Rogers did not take seriously the Crystal Palace, on the contrary, the Liverpool manager played the best hand a card, and a war against Chelsea last week, compared with only one change in the starting lineup - with the injury of Sturridge replace the Kudiniao signal to attack self-evident. Because, not only to bite the Red Army Manchester City, but also to try to narrow the gap nike air max 1 hombre with the Blue Devils on goal difference.Liverpool this season, "the king of the first half of" reputation, the Red Army soldiers in this war will indeed flourish again this characteristic, they are 45 minutes with a flood of offensive front so that the owner of the Crystal Palace struggling to cope, and in the first 18 minutes on assists by a captain Steven Gerrard, Joe Allen head start. Red fangs are still sharp in the early part of the second half, Sturridge and Suarez in just three minutes and then the next two years the city. Leading 3-0, the 

offensive line back the state's

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 instigation - he assists Muric first ball, El Eriksson penalty from his Zhise, headed home from his kick. The second half, both Gao Lin scored Chuandang or Muric the pediment, are from left to face directly pass the ball after goalkeeper why they can face the goalkeeper  Diamanti pass."Diamanti - Muric - El Eriksson" Trident has experienced more than two months after the run, and finally becoming light and fast. Muric "wake up", largely because he has adapted Diamanti passing rhythm, which is often done in high-speed passing movement, Muric places more sensitive sense of smell and More neat style of play to respond.As Lippi said, we should rejoice not 5 to 1, but the offensive line back the state's peak period last year, the real enemies appear before the playoffs, this a comeback just in time of war. From early March, just two months since the Super League war. This is the entire pre-season training in Guangzhou Hengda "stolen" in two months. Since participating in the FA Cup and the Club World Cup, which is life and life compression months, both  nike air max 95 españa  physiological indicators, the running game or the degree of desire, which is 60 days in the training field to solve the problem, only going into the final accomplished using a shooting game.Super 7 game winning streak, after blasting away the AFC, which is this year's best Hengda. You can even see the 2012 Hengda AFC trance first battle, but also the road is also 5 to 1, but Eriksson was replaced by Cleo, Diamanti role played by the hole card. Zhezhi Hengda can not be compared with last year  Should at least wait until after the AFC semifinals to conclusions. Importantly, with the third round of Super League home loss Yatai that team compared to today's Hengda has been reborn.Muric 


Hengda climbing is the driving force behind the recovery. He has not only rushed forward only know one end of a cheetah, he recovered and Diamanti, El Eriksson, Zheng produce echoes. In fact, by now Hengda Diamanti, Muric two people together, "playing" hole card. This "Yari" hole card combinations on the ball is better, but a breakthrough capabilities, the ability to score the absolute top hole cards. Even more unusual is two people can pass to shoot, even if the Japanese defenders and then tight overall defensive awareness, but also stand two bullets to shoot from different directions.Of course, the victory over the opponent's tactics related. Originally Osaka want full pressure on the advanced ball again, but a residue level of defense is difficult to avoid being Hengda first broke, the rest only on the pressure - a clean sheet - and then lost the ball. As Muric said to myself, play another 10 games may not win 5 to 1.Away from home loss to Changchun to win in Osaka, Lippi has stressed that "the state." Maybe after playing the Club World Cup when he did not expect the team needs six months to recover. But it is a real foundation of Chinese players nike air max 2014 hombre   , accustomed to after 10 years 3 months preparation period compressed less than a month, the result can only be as altitude sickness. This is a new course and Hengda Lippi - even if the end of the year to play the Club World Cup, Lippi will be clearer how to do that, his men have better players to deal with. Selhurst Park Stadium, Liverpool has always been a "nightmare", they did not cut in recent years, winning performance here, just 1 draw and 2 losses. Yesterday morning, this law in the Red Army who has been verified again. Liverpool 3-0 in the case of a big lead, but lost the next three balls lost a good Board within nine minutes, and the home team eventually 3:3 draw against Crystal Palace. Continued until the end of the season in


 the Premier League title drama in Liverpool in the penultimate round failed to take all three points, just ahead of another round of less competition Manchester City 1 minute. 24-year's first league title, from close to become out of reach.After the final whistle sounded, the majority of players are hands Behind his Liverpool Suarez jersey hide his face on the spot with more crying. Reds captain Steven Gerrard tears walked over, pulled Uruguayans and hand signal with the film's cameraman can give a little privacy, do not add insult to injury.Liverpool this season, left one, they are theoretically the highest score will be 84 points. 've Got 80 rounds left Manchester City home game, so the Blue Moon just 1 win can basically confide champion, currently hold the advantage in their hands nine goal difference. If Manchester City in the last two home taking all six points, then they will be 100% in three years, the second time Premier League  nike air max 90 em venta  champions. Yesterday's two semifinals eye-popping, after qualifying by both the Wizards and Clippers to become masters, and the Thunder beat the Pacers achieved four wins in seven games made the series opener.Gortat finished blasting HibbertWizards challenge Eastern Conference champion Pacers 102:96 win, the biggest player is not magical John Wall is not brave, Bill Bradley, but the Polish center Marcin Gortat. Gortat led the Wizards in the paint, rebounding after blasting to 53:36 walkers, this is the biggest reason for the Wizards win.In the last round of the series' tiebreak wars ", Hibbert back to normal, but in th

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